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  • Mark Russell
  • and Jay Leno
  • Art Buchwald, Chevy Chase and President Ford
  • Vivre la France
  • and Mort Sahl
  • and Woody Allen

A Few More Notes from Mark Russell

So, okay. Retirement was fine. For two years. I traveled. I read books. It was fun.

Fifty years ago I promised myself that I would retire on the day that I would be required to write a song about trans-vaginal ultrasounds.  I decided to unretire when I heard that member of Congress had been cavorting in the Sea of Galilee. How can you make that up?

So, I'm back to work. Shortly a schedule of public shows will be listed. Also a list of PBS Stations that we know will be carrying a 30-year retrospective of my work, entitled "Mark Russell's America" during October and/or November. As they say, you should check your local listings or call your local station for the date and time.

We'll continue to update the website.  We're still trying to figure out getting songs up. But we're working on it.
Thanks for asking about me and thanks for all the kind messages about my retirement. You will all get a personal response. It just might take a bit longer than I would like.

Oh, and one more thing.  Don't forget to vote -- if only to keep political humor alive!

A Note from Mark:

In 2010 I decided to stop performing.    I had a show upcoming in July of that year, in one of my favorite venues, the Amphitheatre at Chautauqua Institution, and thought it would be a fine place to end 60 years of nearly non-stop performing and traveling.    

It turned out to be a perfect night.   My children and grandchildren who are scattered across the United States were in attendance, some of the grandchildren seeing me for the first time.    They may still not understand what I did, but at least they saw me do it.   A number of close friends, who were in the know that this would be my final show, also made the trek north from Washington, DC to Chautauqua, NY to join in this final evening.Read More

Latest Jokes

Brilliant Turkish bank shot: shoot down a Russian plane, so hopefully it would crash into an ISIS compound.

Not having a draft maybe a good idea. If Millennials are drafted into the army, they would probably complain about having to get up so early in the morning.

This is a generation that wants a student deferment from hurt feelings.

The Republican campaign message: The world will respect America again once we elect an obnoxious New York bully.

The first Thanksgiving according to Trump: After the feast, the Muslims killed all the pilgrims.

After Paris, Washington went into lockdown. That's when terrorists cause a shut down -- filling in for Ted Cruz.

Trump says he will bomb the shit out of ISIS. But that's not enough. His people are demanding F-bombs.

Trump would drive out the illegals with a "deportation force". Will the force have uniforms? I'm thinking brown shirts.

The Syrians are coming! The Syrians are coming! Drain the moat! We are the US Association of Governors and we approve this message.

Names in the news: Jhadi John is dead. Daffy Donald and Bonkers Ben are very much alive.

The Republican establishment is trying to figure out how to take out Daffy and Bonkers.

This is difficult because Iowa and New Hampshire are drone-free zones.

Voters must decide whether Daffy and Bonkers should be allowed to possess sharp objects, let alone the nuclear codes.
I can't wait to get the new iPhone 6s. It has all the bells and whistles including a catheter.

Internet traffic is much too slow. The other day at the CIA, they had to wait four hours before being hacked.

The prize for the most original Halloween costume goes to the guy wearing bathing trunks, going trick-or-treat as Bruce Jenner.

Ben Carson had a busy week. Quick -- can you name the last election when a candidate changed the name of the person he stabbed?

Let us not rule out the chance that Dr. Carson has been putting us on.
Jeb Bush reminds me of Mitt Romney. They bring to mind the old rule in politics: Never nominate a man who reminds women of their ex-husbands.

Republicans: "Hillary is a congenital liar."
Democrats: "No, she's a congenial lawyer."

The benevolent Peoples Republic of China has granted permission for its citizens to have two children instead of just one. Do the people of China still need a conjugal permit from the government?

Couples can frame the permit and hang it over the bed. A Chinese turn-on.
The Benghazi hearings will continue in sync with the alignment of the planets or until Jupiter collides with Congressman Trey Gowdy.

The Benghazi hearings will continue until the polka replaces hip hop.

The Benghazi hearings will continue until President Lincoln Chafee puts an end to them.

The Benghazi hearings will continue until the committee learns beyond a shadow of doubt whether Hillary had blue cheese or ranch dressing at lunch on the afternoon of September 11, 2012.

Joe Biden won't run, as Hillary confirms her belief in the power of prayer.

Bernie Sanders thanks Fruit of the Loom for its support.

Paul Ryan agrees to be Speaker of the House but only on the condition that he be given a food tester.

In our war against cyber crime, we may bring back selective service and draft an army of computer whizzes out of middle school.

Here's your headline from the Democratic debate: Lincoln Chafee clobbers Jim Webb and moves up to a single digit.

Chafee says that he never had a scandal. Which could be baggage in today's political climate.

During the debate, Hillary suddenly became likable which I suppose qualifies as a flip-flop.

Bernie Sanders defines himself as a Democratic-Socialist. What does he mean? It means that Bernie will definitely carry Denmark.

Joe Biden would have been a lot tougher on Hillary than those other guys. That's because Joe is the only one who doesn't want to be vice president.

The debate in Vegas actually set a record: a two hour Kumbaya moment.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy will not run for Speaker of the House because of a slight conflict: He is the idiot who let the Benghazi cat out of the bag.

Opposing the Trans Pacific Trade agreement, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is distancing herself from President Obama. She is also distancing herself from Obama's former Secretary of State.

I have obtained an advance copy of Joe Biden's upcoming dramatic announcement: "My fellow Americans, after due consideration, I am announcing that I need a little more time."

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed the state's controversial assisted-suicide bill. The bill is strongly opposed by the Catholic League of Those Who are Feeling Just Fine.

Having trouble processing current events? Let me help: We have a nuclear agreement with Iran in order to prevent Planned Parenthood from developing a bomb.

Inspired by Pope Francis, John Boehner may enter a monastery. On K Street. Or, he could take up a hobby as a Hobby Lobby lobbyist.

The day after meeting with President Obama, Vladimir Putin ordered surprise bombing of the wrong target in Syria. Obama's next book: "The Audacity of Rope-a-Dope".

Russia's sneak attack brings to mind when Japanese officials were talking peace with Franklin D Roosevelt while the bombing of Pearl Harbor was taking place. Is Obama Roosevelt? Other than being handicapped, the similarity ends there.